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Our expert tax lawyer Lucy Dong has worked at the Australian Tax Office, and was a senior compliance officer at the State Revenue Office. Combined with her chartered accounting qualifications, she's got all your tax needs covered.

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Investigations & audits

Being audited or investigated by the Australian Tax Office or State Revenue Office can be a stressful event. We can help you:

  • decide the overall response strategy;
  • gather the relevant documentation;
  • draft submissions to the regulator;
  • minimise any tax and penalties payable;
  • if required, negotiate a payment plan; and
  • if relevant, help you implement improved tax compliance practices.

As tax audits differ greatly in complexity, we need to discuss your individual case with you before we can provide a fixed quote or an estimate of fees.

Objecting to a tax or duty assessment

If you have received a tax or duty assessment that seems too high and you think you have reasonable grounds to object, we can help you draft the submissions, or apply for any relevant exemptions. Just give us a call to discuss your circumstances.

As these matters differ greatly in difficulty, we need to discuss your individual case with you before we can provide a fixed quote or an estimate of fees.

Stamp duty exemptions

There are numerous exemptions from stamp duty that can apply in a variety of circumstances. Some of these are not well-known:

  • a reduced stamp duty rate, applicable where a family trust's trust assets are transferred to a beneficiary;
  • a reduced duty rate, applicable where a company holds land valued at less than $2 million, and the company is sold rather than the land; and
  • a corporate reconstruction exemption, when assets are transferred within a corporate group due to a restructure.

Give us a call if you want to discuss whether an exemption might apply for you, and we can provide a quote for our services.

Our tax expert

Lucy Dong, property and tax lawyer, former State Revenue Office senior compliance officer

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