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We are experienced in all aspects of commercial law, having worked in a range of commercial law practices from the top tier Allens Linklaters to sole practitioner practices. Perhaps more importantly, we have hands on experience with our family businesses including property development, fast food, manufacturing and legal practice, so we understand what you face.

Read on to see what we can do for you.

Sale and purchase of business

Often the biggest transaction of all for your business, we make sure that this goes smoothly for both sides. We will handle:

  • preparing the sale agreement, schedules and special conditions;
  • notifying employees;
  • the transfer of any leases, key business agreements and supply relationships;
  • the transfer of liquor licences, food permits, other government licences, trade marks, domain names, and other intellectual property;
  • organising any local council health inspections;
  • attending settlement, and organising the transfer of business name, shares, and other relevant assets; and
  • related legal and tax advice.

Once we understand your transaction, we will provide you with a fixed quote where we can.

Business agreements

If you are entering into an important agreement like a supply, hire-purchase, marketing or partnership agreement and need a lawyer to review it, we will be there to help.

These key agreements are crucial to the health of your business, affecting your legal risk, profitability and tax outgoings, so make sure you get expert advice before signing!

If you need us to draft a new agreement, or terms of use, we are committed to drafting clearly and in plain English. This will make your agreements easier to understand and enforce in future.

Send us a copy of your agreement or discuss your circumstances with us, for a fixed price quote.

Commercial leases

We can assist with any aspect of a commercial lease, such as:

  • preparing or reviewing a landlord's or assignor's disclosure statement;
  • entering into a new lease;
  • applying for five-year rental term waiver certificate;
  • extending or varying an existing lease;
  • arranging for assignment of lease to third party;
  • handling disputes over repairs & maintenance, or rental valuation; and
  • any other matter related to a commercial lease.

Give us a call to discuss your circumstances, and we will provide a fixed quote for your work.

Other services

If you have any legal issue with your business, just give us a call for assistance. Click the headings below for some of our other commercial services.

Every company exists to do different business and has shareholders with different goals. We make sure that the foundation document of your company, its constitution, accurately reflects your company and its shareholders' goals, and will serve your needs now and into the future.

When starting a new company or partnership, it is crucial to lay the ground rules between the founders properly. It is all too easy to think 'I have known my business partner for 10 years, what could go wrong?' Circumstances change, and trust and understanding can evaporate in a moment. Issues that should be agreed at the outset include:

  • how to add or remove partners, directors or shareholders;
  • specific roles and responsibilities for specific partners, directors or shareholders;
  • procedures for selling out of the partnership or company;
  • drag along rights: requirements for minority shareholders to sell if a majority shareholder decides to sell to a legitimate purchaser;
  • pre-emptive rights, or rights of last refusal, in respect of the sale of other shareholders' or partners' interests;
  • the right for certain shareholders to appoint directors;
  • compulsory retirement ages;
  • consequences in the event of death or disability; and
  • dispute resolution processes.

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Our commercial experts

Kai Fu, competition and consumer lawyer, former Allens Linklaters senior associate
Lucy Dong, property and tax lawyer, former State Revenue Office senior compliance officer