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We live and breathe property

With over a decade of experience investing in and developing property ourselves, we've got you covered for all the legal, tax and practical aspects of all your property transactions.

Read on to see what we can do for you.


The humble conveyancing transaction is our bread and butter. We do it every day, and we do it well.

From start to end, we make sure that your purchase or sale will be stress-free. We know that:


Timing is everything, so if you need something looked at urgently, we will.


Cost is important to you, so our sale contract reviews are free*, and we give fixed quotes for all conveyancing.


The tax consequences can significant for you, and we can advise on that if you need.


The process can be long and confusing, so we will be there at every step to explain what to do and why.


With all the estate agents and banks out there looking after their own interests, you can rely on us to look out for you, and you only.

We can also help you with:

  • obtaining FIRB clearance for your purchase, if you are a temporary or foreign resident;
  • arranging a power of attorney, if you cannot be present to draw cheques for the settlement, or to sign the transfer of land;
  • nominating a different person or company to complete a purchase; and
  • reviewing your mortgage documents.

Just give us a call on +61 3 9041 7733 for a fixed quote.

Property development

We've walked a thousand miles in your shoes, and understand the opportunities, risks and costs you face.

Come to Kai Legal for expert guidance through the entire process: pre-purchase due diligence, setting up the acquisition vehicle, the purchase itself, subdivision, leasing, permit application, engaging builders and sale.

Click the headings below to see more about our property development services.

Our detailed report contains:

  • a review of the local planning scheme;
  • an explanation of the zoning and overlays that apply to the property;
  • allowed number of dwellings and height;
  • recent nearby developments and development applications; and
  • other issues relevant to your development.

If you need, we can also arrange surveyors, architects and builders to prepare plans and costings for your development.

We help with any legal problems with your development. Hurdles that we jump regularly include:

  • inaccurate title boundaries requiring an amendment to title;
  • disputes with builders who fail to build to plan, or to schedule; and
  • obtaining consent from neighbours for separating shared drains or other assets.

We try to give fixed quotes for all our work, so give us a call if you have a problem we could help with.

Property development is a major undertaking, with significant tax consequences. Capital gains tax, income tax, stamp duty and GST are just the start.

Should you do the development in your own name, in a family trust or unit trust, or under a company? Every option changes the tax consequences, and not adopting the right one can cost you thousands or more.

Speak to us for advice on the best way to run your particular project.

Commercial leases

We can assist with any aspect of a commercial lease, such as:

  • preparing or reviewing a landlord's or assignor's disclosure statement;
  • entering into a new lease;
  • applying for five-year rental term waiver certificate;
  • extending or varying an existing lease; and
  • arranging for assignment of lease to third party.

Give us a call to discuss your circumstances, and we will provide a fixed quote for your work.

Our property expert

Lucy Dong, property and tax lawyer, former State Revenue Office senior compliance officer

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