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Practical competition & consumer law advice

Get top-tier quality competition & consumer law advice from a former Allens Linklaters senior associate, at boutique firm prices.

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Competition law

With our deep competition law experience, we can help you with any issue in the Kai Legal prompt and transparent way. Whether it be the ACCC, a competitor, supplier or customer giving you grief, Kai Legal can help.

Our competition law services include:

  • advising on exclusivity arrangements or non-compete clauses;
  • responding to ACCC inquiries, investigations and formal notices;
  • notifying exclusive dealing or other conduct to the ACCC; and
  • general competition law advice on your business arrangements or competition law compliance risks.

Consumer law

Our consumer law services include:

  • reviewing your consumer agreements, and returns and warranties policies;
  • checking advertising for accuracy;
  • enforcing your refund and compensation rights as a consumer; and
  • general advice about your consumer law risks.

Compliance training

We have deep experience in providing training to business or legal staff about the law. We can design for you a customised training that:

  • covers the legal issues specific to your business;
  • draws from examples relevant to your business;
  • is based on materials that you can keep for future training;
  • contain a question & answer component for your staff to air their concerns; and
  • we will deliver on-site at your premises.

Our competition & consumer expert

Kai Fu, competition and consumer lawyer, former Allens Linklaters senior associate

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